In Defense of Public Planning

Last month, we drew your attention to an interview with planner Andres Duany in Architect magazine, discussing  some of the drawbacks of public planning and his proposed solutions. Recently at New Geography, Della Rucker took on Duany’s argument – sharing a story from Green Bay, Wisconsin, to show why public participation plays a necessary role, not merely in supporting, but even in countering expert opinion:

Public participation is important not just to try to get people to go along with our vision, to give us a chance to yell loud enough to drown them out, or to allow us to demonstrate the superiority of our Grand Vision over their piddling little concerns. When residents resist a new development – even when they supposedly “don’t like change” – it doesn’t take many questions or much effort to develop a real understanding of their concerns and their point of view.

Read the full article here.

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