Roxbury, MA: Community Picnic for Civic Engagement

On July 13th members of the Roxbury City Government and state elected officials will join community members in a picnic and an opportunity for both formal and informal conversations:

The RoxVote Coalition will be hosting our first “Picnic with Our Elected Officials” event. With food being served from local vendors, the event will take place at the grassy area next to Orchard Gardens Community Center located at 2 Dearborn Street in Roxbury. . .

In a social-type gathering, our objective is to increase the community’s accessibility to elected officials – both local and state – whose office hours are not always convenient. Our communities are interested in being educated on what each elected official’s goals are, which committees each of the elected officials serve on and what each of the elected officials have accomplished during their time in office.

You can read more here.

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