Getting the Right Kind of Information to the Public

The internet has obviously changed the way we access information.  In this article on Forbes, Adam Thierer discusses a panel formed by the John S and James L. Knight Foundation in association with the Aspen Institute which issued 15 recommendations for ways to improve the information provided to communities:

Following the release of the report, the Knight Foundation and the Aspen Institute Communications and Society Program commissioned a series of white papers to put more meat on the bones of those recommendations. During this same period, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) also conducted an investigation into “the future of media and information needs of citizens and communities,” which culminated in [June] with a mammoth 465-page report. The report provided a comprehensive assessment of the health of the nation’s current information marketplace and concluded that while the overall information ecosystem looked encouraging, there were gaps of concern at the local level. Importantly, however, the agency also noted that “Government is not the main player in this drama, and the First Amendment circumscribes government action to improve local news.”

You can read more here.

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