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We have highlighted a multi-step engagement process in San Diego before.  The project has recently launched an online aspect via an internet survey.  Karla Peterson discusses the potential for change, the strengths and the weaknesses of the survey:

The excellent news about the survey is that it is well organized and — in my experience, anyway — glitch free. Participants are asked to give their input on goals and strategies in four categories, including education and jobs. You can also express your support for (or Hell-to-the-No opposition to) such hot-button issues as a high-speed rail system between San Diego and Los Angeles and the development of a new sports and entertainment complex.

Unfortunately, many of the options are written in such bland bureaucratese, it is easy to lose your passion in the focus-group fog. This was most disappointing in the Learning section, where the contrast between the enormity of the challenges facing San Diego’s schools and the wishy-washy nature of such strategies as, “Learners and parents receive help to guide them through the options for learning” was quite frustrating. Or to quote my notes. “What does this even mean?” . . .

The words don’t always paint the most dynamic picture, but the results of this survey could have some real impact.

You can read more here.

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