Value of Earlier Engagement?

Sometimes local government and the community do not play well together. In the city of Martinez, the city council marina subcommittee plans on digging up the entrance to the docks as well as docks A and B while rebuilding part of dock C.

Two long time residents, with engineering and construction qualifications, asked the council about structural issues ignored in the initial construction of the marina as well as the council’s disregard for using local talent to make improvements in the conditions of the marina.  They suggest a lot of time and money could have been saved – and with a more long-term sustainable outcome- if council had worked better with residents:

“I can get you the soil engineering for nothing,” said Blaine Bonacci, a retired civil engineer. “You keep trying to handle this in house. Why don’t you ever ask for help?”

He said there were a number of people in the community with long-time knowledge of the marina and its issues who would be glad to step up and help keep the facility open.

“It’s the one thing this city has,” Bonacci said. “It’s the only thing that’s going to bring it back. We’ll never be a city of storefronts like back in the 1940s.”

You can read more here.

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