Malibu Retail Ordinance

Last week the Davenport Institute helped facilitate a public meeting on a retail ordinance for the City of Malibu.  As the local paper points out the event was a mixed success.  In the “remembering our own advice” category, while the polling portion of the evening got off to a rocky start, the small group discussion opened new doors of communication for many participants:

Participants broke off into groups to come up with adjectives that they believe help define a “community serving business”: resident-serving, possessing unique local character, selling affordable basic goods, having regular household use and encouraging community involvement.

During those group discussions, a change in the mood was palpable.

“To actually hear  talk to one another and hear from the other side is essential,” said Carla McCloskey, a member of the Preserve Malibu group which strongly advocated for a retail ordinance to be drafted.

You can read more here.

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