PB Gets a WH Tip-of-the-Hat

Nancy Scola reports at Next City on the Open Government National Plan of Action the White House released earlier this month. Participatory budgeting is specifically highlighted as a “plank in a fully fledged open government approach”:

One of the completely new commitments will be of particular interest to those working on the ground, locally, on open government efforts. In the document, the White House signals support for participatory budgeting, an approach to the assignment of government funds that asks citizens to first come up with good ideas for potential spending projects and then — in a rare demonstration of direct democracy — vote to decide which contenders are worthy of funding.

For Scola’s story, click here

For the White House announcement of the second Open Government National Plan of Action, click here

Contributor: Benjamin Peterson, Pepperdine School of Public Policy, MPP Candidate ’15

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