Tribute to “An Arab Citizen”

Egyptian blogger, civil rights activist, and columnist Bassem Sabry died this week, mourned by several prominent Egyptian and international political figures. Sabry was a respected practitioner of meaningful civic engagement in trying circumstances, as Maggie Michael reports for the Associated Press (available at The Washington Post):

Sabry, a political columnist for a number of Egyptian and international media, won praise for his balanced analysis even amid the deep polarization that has divided Egypt over the past three years, particularly after massive protests last summer led to the military’s removal of Islamist Mohammed Morsi, the first elected president after Mubarak’s fall.

Sherif Tarek reports at the L.A. Times: 

A eulogy that went viral was written for the Egyptian online newspaper Mada Masr by H.A. Hellyer, a nonresident fellow in foreign policy at the Washington, D.C.-based think tank Brookings Institution and the Royal United Services Institute in London.

“At a time when Egypt sorely needed voices that rejected destructive polarization and mutual hatred, Bassem was one of the few that insisted on standing for far loftier principles,” Hellyer wrote.

“He believed in a better Egypt for all Egyptians and worked tirelessly, often very quietly and without taking credit, in pursuit of that goal,” he said. “If you want to honor his memory, I suggest you do what he did: Start building something beautiful and just put the hate away.”

Sabry maintained a blog called “An Arab Citizen,” some of which is in English.


Contributor: Benjamin Peterson, Pepperdine School of Public Policy, MPP Candidate ’15


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