New Grant Opportunity

Has your community been split along ideological lines? Are there factions in your community that have had problems finding common ground? If so, our new grant, undertaken in partnership with The Village Square may be just what you need:

The Village Square Public Engagement Grant, valued at $15,000 per year through the duration of the recipient’s programming, will bring The Village Square’s Dinner at the Square series to the recipient’s community. The focus of the event is for residents, local government officials and community organizations to improve civic dialogue around polarizing issues and to maintain a constructive relationship between government and citizens around various issues for years to come.

Davenport Institute and Village Square staff will work with grant recipients to design a Dinner at the Square series tailored to their individual communities. The grant is open to municipalities and civic organizations in the state of California interested in creating and sustaining community dialogue across ideological lines.

You can read the rest of our press release here and find out more about the criteria and how to apply on our website.


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