Engaging in a Place for Engagement

The City of Campbell, CA is getting ready to build a new civic center – and officials want to know what the community wants this place to be:

“A place for community and civic engagement,” Anderson-Brulé said. “We’ve heard that over and over again. That became a theme at all of the meetings that we had.”

Other things Anderson-Brulé said she and the team heard about were programs, activities, shared use space, technology, safety and security.

The city council had identified seven buildings and services that would stay on site. City hall, police services, the library, museum, museum storage, parking and the Orchard City Green will all be located in the new civic center.

After the workshop, participants discussed what they had noticed was similar in most of the designs. They found that most of the designs had clustered buildings, were organized by purpose (public services, historical and greenscape), included underground parking, and focused on efficient use of space.

You can read more about the charette here.

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