Participation Between Elections

This week the Washington Post began running a series focusing on ways that citizens participate outside the voting booth and what that means for the state of American politics and government:

Over the next two weeks, the Monkey Cage will post responses to this question from members of the Scholars Strategy NetworkCivic Engagement Working Group. They will address the causes and consequences of non-electoral civic participation. Can this participation be harnessed for electoral turnout as well as for ongoing base building for advocacy organizations? Does business involvement in grass-roots mobilization and advocacy make participation less equal? Do new technologies mitigate possible inequalities? What do patterns of participation and advocacy look like around specific issues? Civic participation between elections has implications for American politics that extends beyond the outcome of any single election. The series will examine how the long-term strategies of movements and advocacy groups on both the right and the left extend beyond elections and significantly shape policy landscapes and outcomes.

You can read more and follow the conversation here.


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