New Grant Projects Underway

Earlier this year we announced a new grant project undertaken in partnership with The Village Square to build better capacity for conversations between residents in California Cities.  Last month we announced that our first grants would go to two very different cities: City of Palmdale and City of Palo Alto.  As we head into the new year we’re gearing up to get those projects underway.  You can read about the Palmdale project in the Antelope Valley Times:

Along with Palo Alto, Palmdale will receive services and expenses valued at $15,000 through the Village Square’s “Dinner at the Square” program, which is designed to improve the way residents in diverse communities engage with one another. . .

(Liz) Joyner explained that the Village Square is founded on the notion that getting involved in the civic life of your community shouldn’t be dull. “We’re all busy with the responsibilities of our lives, so for people to bother to come out in their free time to participate, we think it better be worth it,” said Joyner. “We chose Palmdale for this grant because we think their ideas are highly deserving of their citizens’ valuable time.”

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