A Community Solution to Street Racing?

In an age of movie franchises, “sports” that look sexy on screen can end up deadly on the street.  The San Fernando Valley has had an ongoing battle with illegal street racing. In February a street race resulted in two deaths and a serious injury witnessed by over sixty onlookers.  Cracking down on racing hasn’t been enough – is there another option?

Thursday night, dozens from the racing community came out to LAPD’s Mission Station to try to figure out what to do about illegal racing.

On solution, offered by minister Aaron Schwartzbart, is to take racing off the streets and onto the track:

KCAL9’s Jennifer Kastner spoke to racing fans and police — looking to find common ground and ways to keep the public safe. . .

Schwartzbart says he is planning to open either a permanent track or host a racing event in the San Fernando Valley. 

He says he has the money but hasn’t locked down a location and can’t commit to a time frame.

This could prove an interesting opportunity for some pretty non-traditional collaboration.  You can read more here.

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