Civic Health and Veterans

We are a bit late to this story, but its well worth looking back a couple months to review. At the end of April, the National Conference on Citizenship, in partnership with the Got Your 6 campaign, released the first ever Veterans Civic Health Index.  The study showed some very positive trends among veterans when it comes to civic engagement:

  • Service – Veteran volunteers serve an average of 160 hours annually – the equivalent of four full workweeks. Non-veteran volunteers serve about 25% fewer hours annually.

  • Civic Involvement – 17.7% of veterans are involved in civic groups (versus 5.8% of non-veterans).

  • Voting – 59.5% of veterans under 50 vote in local elections, versus 48.7% of non-veterans under 50.

  • Community Engagement – Veterans are more likely to fill leadership roles in community organizations, attend community meetings and fix problems in their neighborhoods.

These are important facts at a time when misconceptions about veterans often crowd public dialogue:

“Service to our nation does not end when the uniform comes off,” said Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert A. McDonald. “As proven leaders dedicated to public service, veterans are valuable assets. The Veterans Civic Health study highlights how those who continue to serve in their communities strengthen our nation.”

You can read more here and access the full report here.

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