Bipartisan Conversations on California Governance

Davenport Institute Executive Director Pete Peterson is one of four panelists in a series of bi-partisan conversations around the state of California hosted by California Forward.  The series seeks to blend conversation across party lines with public engagement for a vibrant conversation about California governance in the 21st Century:

California Forward has held multiple regional convenings to get input from civic and political leaders on what the next steps should be. We also convened a group of four bi-partisan leaders for in-depth conversations on the subject – Fresno Mayor Ashley Swearengin (R), former San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed (D), Davenport Institute Director and recent candidate for Secretary of State Pete Peterson (R), and former president of Green Dot Public Schools and recent candidate for Superintendent of Instruction Marshall Tuck (D).

The discussions were so thoughtful and constructive that we encouraged them to continue their conversations in front of public audiences. The first of these will be held in San Jose on August 19. A second is slated for Clovis on September 23. Others will be scheduled across California this year and next.

You can read more about the upcoming events here.

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