Your experiences with the PE spectrum

Those of you who have attended Davenport Institute trainings have heard us talk about how, when it comes to public engagement, purpose determines process and offer the International Association of Public Participation (IAP2) “Public Participation Spectrum” as a helpful way of determining what your purpose is and what type of process might help you achieve it.

IAP2 Canada is asking whether its time for a refresh.  If you’ve used the PE Spectrum in your municipality, your feedback could be very valuable:

Over the coming months, IAP2 Canada will be seeking out and welcoming input from anyone around the world with something to say about the IAP2 Spectrum.  We are providing a loose structure around the conversation (offering a few key questions to guide discussions), and offering to serve as a central repository for ideas and questions, which we’ll do our best to report on, and respond to on behalf of the IAP2 Federation which holds copyright for the Spectrum.

So join the engagement about engagement!  You can find out more here.

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