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We want to share with our readers to a new blog focused on civil discourse: “How We Talk Matters.” Here’s a taste:

To our peril, in the face of a mountain of serious issues, we are yelling at one another. Why? We’re scared. Life is uncertain and impermanent. And, we live in the shadow of multiple and inter-connected challenges locally, nationally, and globally: food insecurity and malnutrition, climate change and environmental degradation, decrepit infrastructures, inequality and inequity, and wars with their horrifying “collateral damage” including the soul-crushing abuse of women and millions of refugees desperately seeking safer havens.

How can we even begin to tackle these issues with polarized and dysfunctional democratic institutions?

…When we stop and deeply consider the larger picture, we see we are in this together. We understand that we need one another not only to survive, but also to create a world, an organization, or a community that we will be proud to bequeath to our children and our children’s children.

Our need to talk better together has never been greater.

We are proud to partner with the author, Mary Gelinas of Gelinas James, Inc., who co-facilitates our full-day Public Engagement training seminar. If you’re interested in this training opportunity, let us know!

You can subscribe to Mary’s new blog here.


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