“We Need to Rethink Our Entire Approach to Public Engagement”

That might seem like a bold claim, but Dave Biggs at MetroQuest is staking it:

The 1st generation of public engagement, version 1.0, was dominated by traditional public meetings…With the advent of online engagement tools we’ve entered the 2nd generation, version 2.0, where a group of high-tech companies have tried to recreate traditional public meetings digitally.

What’s next? “Version 3.0”:

I believe that both methods, traditional and digital, have their place – each with unique strengths that make them well suited to different parts of the overall engagement process. I also think a lot of people in our industry aren’t taking advantage of the benefits that could be achieved by integrating the two, and so today I propose a new framework for public engagement. I call it ‘Public Engagement 3.0’, a strategy for blending high-touch and high-tech methods.

Find out more about “blending and high-tech methods” of civic engagement here.

Contributor: Ben Peterson, Pepperdine School of Public Policy, MPP Candidate ’16

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