Not by Data Alone

In a review published on Stanford University Social Innovation Review website, Melody Barnes; a senior fellow at Results for America and Chair of the Aspen Forum for Community Solutions, and Paul Schmitz; CEO of Leading Inside Out, a consulting firm that enables inclusive and collaborative leadership, share with readers the importance of why community engagement is a critical element that must considered as policy makers and elected officials shift resources to data-driven programs:

“Data-driven and evidence-based practices present new opportunities for public and social sector leaders to increase impact while reducing inefficiency. But in adopting such approaches, leaders must avoid the temptation to act in a top-down manner. Instead, they should design and implement programs in ways that engage community members directly in the work of social change.”

To read the entire review click here.

Contributor: Brian Stewart, Pepperdine School of Public Policy, MPP Candidate ’17.

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