Volunteering: “Self-Interest Rightly Understood”

It’s easy to forget just how much volunteers do for cities. Mayor L. Dennis Michael of Rancho Cucamonga gives volunteers a shout-out at Western City:

My city, Rancho Cucamonga (pop. 172,299), benefits from volunteers’ help in numerous ways. Volunteers play key roles in many municipal departments, including community services, library services, public works, police, fire, animal services and community improvement (also known as code enforcement).

There is some evidence that volunteerism has declined in the last few years. Certainly, most residents of the United States do not volunteer. That’s a shame, not only because of how much volunteers can help their community, but also because volunteering apparently benefits volunteers professionally and personally—it’s a great example of “self-interest rightly understood.”

Read Mayor Dennis’s shout-out here, and more about volunteering here.

Contributor: Ben Peterson, Pepperdine School of Public Policy, MPP ’16. 

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