Soul of the Community

In case you missed it, a 2010 study of 26 communities by the Knight Foundation sought to find out what makes people feel connected to and happy with their communities. The results might surprise you:

We found that positive attitudes about community didn’t vary much based on respondents’ perceptions of the presence of jobs or the quality of basic services in their city.  People with the most favorable opinions of their cities also were more likely to have positive assessments of local social offerings…openness…and the area’s aesthetics.

 What social offerings and aesthetic qualities do residents enjoy about your community? Do you think it has a sense of openness? What do people like about your community, and how might this affect your approach to engaging residents?

What is the soul of your community? Food for thought!

Learn more about the findings in this video, and visit here for the full report.

Contributor: Ben Peterson, Pepperdine School of Public Policy MPP ’16.

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