From “Me” to “We”

Bridging the Citizen-Government Gap on the Shared Economy

A recent Accenture survey on government interaction with shared economy services reveals a gap between citizens’ and public officials’ perceptions and plans for the “We Economy.” Pallavi Verma and Peter Hutchinson, both affiliated with Accenture, report on the survey and offer tips for local government leaders looking to trim budgets and engage citizens by tapping into shared economy services:

For government, the path to participation in the “We Economy” is not long nor are the barriers high. Government doesn’t need to own every asset and control every resource in order to deliver public services. It does, however, need to let go of long-held assumptions in order to grab on to newly forming models that will allow it to fuel government innovation and succeed at delivering public services for the future.

Read their analysis and access the report at here.

Contributor: Ben Peterson, Pepperdine School of Public Policy Alumnus, MPP ’16.

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